The training in this category is specific to Gateways to Opportunity Registry Approved trainers and Illinois Trainer Network trainers. 

This training is required for all Registry-Approved trainers, including ITN trainers. The purpose of this training is to share quality practices for training adults.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: PPD (2 hours)     CDA Content Areas: 6 (2 hours)

This online training explores the various components and tools which help adults learn. Writing objectives and ways to assess those objectives will be discussed in addition to techniques and processes that will improve the impact and effectiveness of your training.

Contact Hours: 1 hour     Gateways Content Areas: PPD (1 hour)     CDA Content Areas: 6 (1 hour)

This online training will explore the various forms that may be required for you to complete as part of the Registry.

Contact Hours: 1 hour     Gateways Content Areas: G (1 hour)     CDA Content Areas: 6 (1 hour)

This brief overview of the Registry Verified Conference scheduling and reporting process will assist conference organizers in completing appropriate forms and steps.  

This overview is not Registry-approved for training credit.