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La Universidad de la Lactancia Materna se creó pensando en los proveedores de cuidado infantil. Cada uno de los módulos proporciona información actualizada y basada en evidencias de un equipo interdisciplinario de médicos, enfermeras, consultores de lactancia, profesionales de la salud pública, profesionales de ECE y líderes de La Leche League. Los módulos interactivos ayudarán a establecer un conocimiento sobre cómo apoyar a las familias para que alcancen sus objetivos de lactancia materna. Esta capacitación fue desarrollada por el Instituto Global de Lactancia Materna de Carolina, que es parte de la Universidad de Carolina del Norte en Chapel Hill, y se proporciona en Illinois a través de un acuerdo con INCCRRA y el Instituto de Salud Pública de Illinois.

Horas de contacto: 2 horas   Áreas de contenido de Gateways: HSW (1 hora) y FCR (1 hora) Horas CDA: 1 (1 hora) y 4 (1 hora)

Midwest Pesticide Action Center, in collaboration with the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, has developed an online learning module to provide all Illinois child care providers with an overview of pest control strategies and requirements.  In this presentation, you will become familiar with what the laws are for pest control in child care programs, be provided with a general overview of what Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is, and receive a list of the basic steps for putting an IPM program in place.  Ultimately, the goal of this presentation is to provide you with the tools you need to reduce the exposure of you and the children you care for to pests and pesticides.  

Contact Hours: 1 hour     Gateways Content Areas: HSW (1 hour)     CDA Content Areas: 1 (1 hour)

This training is for providers who were randomly selected to participate in a study called Understanding Vaccination Practices in Child Care.  We have created this free training on the importance of childhood vaccinations to thank these providers for taking time to participate in our study.  In this training, we cover how vaccines work, why they are important, the vaccine schedule and what each vaccination actually is for children under six, where to go for further resources, and how to protect yourself as a child care provider.  After the study is completed, we will be creating more resources like this training that will be available to all providers.

Contact Hours: 1 hour     Gateways Content Areas: HSW (1 hour)     CDA Content Areas: 1 (1 hour)

The We Choose Health online course offers providers training and technical assistance in the use and program improvement process associated with The Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC). This program targets child care policy, practice and environmental influences on nutrition and physical activity behaviors in young children. NAP SACC uses an organizational assessment of 14 areas of nutrition and physical activity policy, practices and environments to identify strengths and limitations of the child care facility. This Gateways to Opportunity® Registry-approved course provides 8 contact hours of professional development and/or 1/2 Gateways credential point.

Contact Hours: 8 hours     Gateways Content Areas: B (8 hours)     CDA Content Areas: HS (8 hours)

El curso en línea de We Choose Health ofrece a los proveedores capacitación y asistencia técnica en el proceso de uso y mejora del programa asociado con la autoevaluación de nutrición y actividad física para el cuidado infantil (NAP SACC). Este programa se enfoca en las políticas de cuidado infantil, la práctica y las influencias ambientales sobre la nutrición y las conductas de actividad física en niños pequeños. NAP SACC utiliza una evaluación organizacional de 14 áreas de políticas de nutrición y actividad física, prácticas y entornos para identificar las fortalezas y limitaciones del centro de cuidado infantil. Este curso aprobado por el Registro de Gateways to Opportunity® proporciona 8 horas de contacto de desarrollo profesional y / o 1/2 punto credencial de Gateways.

Horas de contacto: 8 horas Áreas de contenido de pasarelas: B (8 horas) Áreas de contenido de CDA: 1 (8 horas)

Module 1 - Child Development Overview: Understanding How Young Children Grow and Develop

In this module, you will receive an overview of child development for children birth through early school age.  Emphasis will be on understanding basic milestones in development as well as on strategies used to promote the healthy development of children.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HGD (2 hours)     CDA Content Areas: HS (1 hour); CD (1 hour)

Module 2a - Health Issues for Group Care

Ensuring a child's health and well-being requires more than basic first aid and emergency contacts.  In this module, you will learn how to help the growth of healthy children -- from the basics like hand washing to a more in-depth look at various practices surrounding health care.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HSW (2 hours)     CDA Content Areas: 1 (2 hours)

Module 2b - Nutrition Issues for Group Care

Whether you're responsible for providing a quick snack or a well-balanced meal, understanding children's dietary needs creates healthier and happier kids.  Learn the basics of good nutrition, food safety and various practices surrounding nutrition through this module.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HSW (2 hours)     CDA Content Areas: 1 (2 hours)

Module 2c - Safety Issues for Group Care

A child's safety is the number one concern for parents and child care providers alike.  In this module, you will identify tips for creating a safer group care environment, confront the issue of abuse and neglect and learn more about emergency preparedness and first aid.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HSW (2 hours)     CDA Content Areas: 1 (2 hours)

Module 7a - Child Development: Ages Birth to 8 Months

Newborns and young babies are developing at an incredible rate, causing them to have special needs unlike older children. In this module, you will understand how children from birth to 8 months learn and grow, and how to individualize their care accordingly.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HGD (2 hours)     CDA Content Areas: 3 (1 hour); 8 (1 hour)

Module 7b - Child Development: Ages 8 to 18 Months

In this continuation of the first child development module, you will explore development among children ages 8-18 months.  You'll identify how this age group differs in growth and their approach to learning, and you'll discover toys, games and songs that are helpful and just right for their development.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HGD (2 hours)     CDA Content Areas: 3 (1 hour); 8 (1 hour)

Module 7c - Child Development: Ages 18 to 36 Months

Toddlers are an energetic bunch who require plenty of stimulation and education.  In this final section of child development training, you'll explore how children age 18 to 36 months learn language, learn to think, learn to move, and learn feelings, so you can better nurture this often curious age group.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HGD (2 hours)     CDA Content Areas: 3 (1 hour); 8 (1 hour)

Module 8a - The Preschool-Age Child: Social and Emotional Development

As children approach preschool age, their needs begin to change. This is the first of four modules designed to better understand children as they approach school age. You will identify characteristics of social and emotional development and learn techniques for promoting appropriate and effective discipline for preschool children.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HGD (2 hours)     CDA Content Areas: 3 (2 hours)

As children mature, their minds aren't the only things growing at an incredible rate. In this module, you will explore the special areas of physical development in preschool-aged children. You also will learn about fine motor activities that will help preschoolers grow into their bodies while developing proper coordination and movement.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HGD (1 hour); IRE (1 hour)     CDA Content Areas: 2 (2 hours)

Module 8c - The Preschool-Age Child: Language Development

Appropriate speech patterns and language skills are crucial to nurturing effective communications by preschoolers. In this module, you will explore how to use pictures and storybooks to lay the foundation for good reading and proper language use.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HGD (2 hour)    CDA Content Areas: PI (2 hours)

Module 8d - The Preschool-Age Child: Cognitive Development

In this module on preschool development, you will dive deeper into how preschoolers learn and identify tips for making learning fun.  With suggestions for activities that encourage your preschoolers to explore numbers, shapes, colors and science, this module gives all the information you need to grow and stretch the ability of children to think and understand.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HGD (1 hour); CPD (1 hour)     CDA Content Areas: 2 (2 hours)

Module 9 - School-Age Development

This module on child development looks at school-age children to uncover how their learning and growth differs. With tips on how to better care for school-aged youth, this module offers you guidance on how to set rules and limits and to get your school-aged kids to appreciate safety and respect.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HGD (1 hour); CPD (1 hour)     CDA Content Areas: 2 (1 hour); 8 (1 hour)

Módulo 2a - Problemas de salud para el cuidado en grupo

Garantizar la salud y el bienestar del niño requiere más que los primeros auxilios y contactos de emergencia.  En este módulo, aprenderá cómo ayudar al crecimiento de niños sanos, desde los fundamentos como el lavado de manos hasta una mirada más en profundidad a varias prácticas que rodean el cuidado de la salud.

Horas de contacto: (2 horas)     Áreas de contenido de Gateways: HSW (2 horas)     Áreas de contenido CDA: 1 (2 horas)

Módulo 2c - Cuestiones de seguridad para el cuidado en grup

La seguridad del niño es la preocupación número uno para padres y proveedores de cuidado infantil por igual.  En este módulo, identificará sugerencias para crear un centro de cuidado en grupo más seguro, enfrentarse a la cuestión del maltrato y la negligencia, y aprenderá más sobre preparación para las emergencias y primeros auxilios.

Horas de contacto: 2 (horas)   Áreas de contenido de Gateways:  HSW (2 horas)   Áreas de contenido CDA: 1 (2 horas)

Participants will receive a brief introduction to child and youth development from ages 5–21. They will be introduced to the stages of development, along with the physical, cognitive, language, and social/emotional characteristics of development that will be used throughout the entire training series.

This course is Registry-approved and counts towards DCFS licensed program training hours (3 contact hours) for school-age and youth care.  

Contact Hours: 3 hours     Gateways Content Areas: HGD(2 hours), PPD(1 hour)     CDA Content Areas: 6(1 hours), 8(2 hours)