The Quality Counts QRS training is specific to License-Exempt Family Child Care providers only.  It is a requirement of the Quality Counts Quality Rating System.  Licensed providers (both Family and Centers) should explore the ExceleRate® Illinois program and training.

Quality matters in child care.  Learn about the statewide Quality Counts Quality Rating System (QRS) for license exempt family child care providers, a program to help improve quality of care.  The Orientation covers QRS eligibility and training requirements, application process, and supports and resources available.  Providers serving children on the State Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) may also receive a bonus to the standard payment rate.  A provider must attend this session prior to applying to Quality Counts QRS.  

Contact Hours: 1 hour     Gateways Content Areas: D (1 hour)     CDA Content Areas: 5 (1 hour)