This DTP Orientation Course was designed for CCR&R Staff to familiarize themselves with DTP. Students will learn the capabilities of DTP as well as how to enter and modify data into DTP. 

Contact Hours: 1 hour 

The CCR&R System Orientation process has been designed to introduce the information, background and system knowledge that you need to have the most rewarding experience possible.  The CCR&R System Orientation supplements your local CCR&R orientation and job training by offering insight into the statewide systems, organizations and processes which support - and are supported by - your local agency.  Participants will begin to connect the dots between what each partner does, what you do, and the goal of supporting families and improving the quality of child care in the state of Illinois.

Contact Hours: 2   Gateways Content Areas: PPD (2 hours)    CDA:  PRO (2 hours)

One of the distinguishing characteristics of high-quality organizations is their ability to adapt to change. This training will explore the concept of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) as an essential component of first-rate agencies.  Through reading material, activities, and presentations, participants will learn the key features of this leadership philosophy, the steps in the CQI process, and how to create a Continuous Quality Improvement Plan (CQIP) to guide change.

Contact Hours: 2 hours     Gateways Content Areas: PPD (2 hours)      CDA Content Areas: PRO (2 hours)

Community Systems Development (CSD) impacts all aspects and all staff in the CCR&R System in some way. This introductory training to Community Systems Development was created to give a simple overview and help build the culture of CSD for all CCR&R staff.  Through reading material, activities, and presentations, participants will learn some key terms and components of Community Systems Development philosophies.

Contact Hours: 2    Gateways Content Areas: PPD (2 hours)    CDA:  PRO (2 hours)

Early childhood is a time when children are rapidly developing motor skills and establishing habits and behaviors around physical activity. Early Care & Education (ECE) professionals and environments play a key role in supporting active play, and nurturing a joy of movement. This PALS+ training is designed for ECE leaders, agency staff, coaches, and technical assistants. The PALS+ content explores the best practices for physical activity in ECE settings and presents strategies to increase the quality and quantity of physical activity children experience while in care. Participants take away talking points and messaging around active play.

PALS+ is made possible with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, administered by the Illinois Public Health Institute in collaboration with partners in the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity.

Contact Hours: 1   Gateways Content Areas: HSW (1 hour) CDA Subject Area: 2 (1 hour)

This course is designed to introduce CCR&R staff to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). Topics include an overview of the program, clients and providers, payments, and a brief explanation of the application process. 

Contact Hours: 1 Hour      Gateways Content Areas: PPD (1 hour)     CDA Content Areas: PRO (1 hour)

This course provides CCAP staff with additional training on various topics related to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) in Illinois.