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  • IDHS Required Training for all Child Care Assistance Program Providers

    This page provides comprehensive resources to answer questions you may have about the training requirements for Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) providers and how to meet them.  Please review this page carefully before contacting DHS, your local CCR&R, INCCRRA, Gateways i-learning, or Gateways to Opportunity. The federal government is now requiring that child care providers complete specific health, safety and child development training, have current CPR/First Aid certification and complete annual training hours. All providers participating in CCAP have minimum training requirements as a result of the federal legislation. 

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    • What is my Gateways Registry username and password?

      A Gateways Registry membership with an online username and password is needed to efficiently and confidently complete the IDHS CCAP Provider training and reporting requirements.

      Visit to retrieve your username and/or password OR to create a new member account.

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      • What trainings do I need to complete?

        Visit the CCAP Provider page on Gateways to Opportunity to view the most complete information available regarding the IDHS CCAP provider required trainings.  There are several options for completing the health, safety, and child development portions of these requirements through the i-learning system. 

        1.  The newly developed Child Development, Health, and Safety Basics  training fulfills this requirement. 


        2.  The ECE Credential Level 1 modules 1, 2a, 2b, and 2c (also referred to as Tier 1) fulfills this requirement. 


        3. Providers who care for school-age children ONLY can take the SAYD Credential Level 1 modules 4a and 4b to fulfill this requirement. 

        Additional options not available through training on the i-learning system can be explored on the Gateways website.   

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        • What trainings have I completed, and what do I still need to take?

          Professional Development Record

          For a list of all previous training you have taken, visit the Gateways Registry and view your Professional Development Record (PDR). Visit

 for instructions to access your PDR.

          Completion of IDHS CCAP Training Requirements Report

          For a list of training you have completed which meet CCAP provider training requirements, go to the Gateways Registry and view your Completion of IDHS CCAP Training Requirements Report. Visit to learn how to access this report.

          Note: You can compare the training you have taken on either or both reports with the IDHS required training flyer (linked above) to determine what training you have taken and still need to take.

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          • Where do I find the trainings?

            To access the ECE Credential Level 1 modules, as well as the “What is CCAP?” course, visit and click on the purple box in the first row titled “CCAP Provider Required Training.” – The courses will be shown in list format.

            If you only care for school-age children (ages 5-13), you may choose to take the SAYD training by visiting and clicking on the red box in the second row, titled, “SAYD Credential Level 1 Trainings.”

            To access the Child Abuse and Neglect/Mandated Reporter training, visit the DCFS website at:!loginPage.action;jsessionid=D1ECE390BE80A21B2DB4E724D8C988FC

            * Retain your certificate of completion 

            For in-person training classes, including CPR/First Aid availability in your area, visit the Gateways calendar at:

            * Retain your certificate of completion 

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            • What trainings do I need to self-report?

              You must self-report your Mandated Reporter training and CPR/First Aid certification.

              Below is a link with instructions for self-reporting your Mandated Reporter training: 


              Below is a link with instructions for self-reporting your CPR/First Aid certification:

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              • What do I need to send to IDHS and where should I send it?

                Do not send anything to IDHS.  Be sure all required training and certifications are reported to the Registry.  Print your Registry Completion of IDHS CCAP training requirements report and keep the documentation until further notice. 

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