Hardware Requirements

This page lists the basic equipment needed to easily use/access the i-learning system.

Hardware Requirements

Mac and Windows (Operating Systems)

Both Mac and Windows operating systems are compatible, however, we do not recommend the use of mobile devices due to some compatibility issues.  We are working to make more and more of our courses mobile-ready, but the majority of participants will still encounter issues when using a smartphone or tablet.

RAM (Memory)

More RAM means faster computing so more is generally better.  Systems with less than 4GB of RAM may encounter slow speeds when loading pages with video or interactive elements.  A minimum of 4GB of RAM would be recommended for the best online learning experience.

Screen Resolution (Monitor/Display)

Screen resolution should not be an issue for most users.  It is recommended that online learners use the highest screen resolution their computer system can manage.  Ideally, 1920x1080 at the highest and 640x480 at the lowest.  Lower resolutions will still be able to access the training, but may encounter difficulties with video clips.

Internet Speed (Broadband)

Broadband/high-speed internet is necessary for an effective online learning experience.  Videos, audio files, pictures and downloadable documents all require higher internet speeds than simple text on a screen.  As a result, users with dial-up or unreliable internet connections will experience delays, hang-ups, and lost completion data when they try to complete an online learning course.

Sound Card (Audio)

Pretty much every computer has some sound capacity, and if it does, it will work with our online learning system.

Headphones (Audio)

Headphones are not required to complete online training.  However, headphones are recommended for online learners even when they are at home.  This helps to isolate the learner from some of the distractions that might interfere with the learning process.  However, that is not always possible, and it is not necessary.  A microphone will not be needed.

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