Additional Information

This page lists additional information that may be helpful as you complete online learning opportunities.

  • A basic knowledge of personal computers and technical literacy is expected of online learners.  Limited assistance is available to resolve issues related to the learning software and course organization.  Assistance is not available to explain basic computer skills such as saving documents, uploading documents, dragging and dropping files, etc.  If you do not have a basic proficiency with computers, we encourage you to either find someone to assist you with the course, or pursue face-to-face training.  Computer skills tutorials are available online at: 

  • The i-learning system is constantly striving to improve accessibility and responsiveness to the needs of the learner.  Regular updates and enhancements are made to improve the system and/or the flow of individual courses.  These updates may result in changes to the appearance or function of a course.  Every effort is made to minimize the impact of these changes on individual learners, but occasionally learners may notice an activity they previously completed now shows as incomplete.  If the incomplete activity impacts your ability to finish the course, please email us at  Include your name, Registry number, the course you were taking, and the activity you were working on along with a brief description of the problem you are experiencing.

  • Each course description includes an approximate length of time the lesson will take to complete.  Some learners may take less or more time depending on their computer experience, familiarity with the subject, and interest in the subject.  Contact hours for each course are based on the average time the lesson is expected to be complete. 

  • Courses do not have to be completed in a sequential order. Certain training series are recommended in a specific order (e.g. ECE Credential Level 1 and Early Math Matters).

  • Courses do not have to be completed in one sitting.  A learner’s progress in the course is recorded, but courses must be completed within the enrollment period they were started.  If the course is not completed within the enrollment period, all progress will be lost.  Completed courses will be permanently recorded in the Gateways to Opportunity Registry and can be viewed on the learner's Professional Development Record.

  • All training completions are automatically recorded on the learner’s Professional Development Record (PDR).  Visit the registry page to learn more about viewing and downloading a copy of your PDR.  The PDR can be used as proof of completion of licensing required training for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.
  • Certificates of completion for the training are only available during the enrollment period the course was completed.  They can be downloaded, printed and/or saved for later use.  If your certificate is no longer available, your PDR can be used accessed for use as a certificate of completion by visiting

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