Software Requirements

This page lists the basic requirements and recommendations for internet browsers to successfully use the i-learning system.

Browser Recommendations

Latest Version

We always recommend using the latest version of a browser for online learning.  This helps ensure the best compatibility.  Other browsers and versions have been known to work with the system, but the ones below are the most consistently compatible. 

Firefox or Chrome

While some versions of Windows Explorer may work with the i-learning system, others do not.  As a result, online learning participants are encouraged to use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as their primary browser for online learning.  We do not recommend the Safari browser.  Whichever browser the learner chooses, please ensure it is the most current version available.

Browser Configurations

All internet browsers have a number of settings available.  For the best online learning experience, your browser should be configured with the following options.

Enable Cookies

Cookies help the i-learning system track the participant's completion of each learning component.

Enable Javascript

Interactive content such as Drag and Drop activities may need Javascript in order to function correctly.

Enable Pop-up Windows

Certain pages, resources, websites, and videos included in the learning process may need to open in a separate window from the rest of the course content.  This helps ensure the participant does not lose their place in the training.

Additional Software

Productivity software

Many courses have documents and resources that can be downloaded or viewed to enhance the learner's understanding of the material or to improve implementation of the concepts they learned.  Some of those resources may be documents, spreadsheets or forms that need a word processor or even a spreadsheet software in order to view.  We recommend Microsoft Office products such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, but there are many free or low-cost office productivity programs (such as LibreOffice) if you do not have access to Microsoft Office.

PDF Viewer

Some of the resources and files that can be used in the courses are in PDF format.  This format requires a special piece of software called a PDF viewer to see the file.  The most commonly used and highly recommended PDF viewer is Adobe Acrobat.  Adobe Acrobat is free to download and install, and it is compatible with all PDF files on the Gateways i-learning System.

Video Player

Most of the videos and movie clips in the Gateways i-learning System should play automatically within the course.  However, some computer systems may lack the proper software to decode the video content correctly.  If you find videos do not play when you take a course, you may need to download and install a new video player or video codec pack.  For more information about video codecs click here.

We recommend that you have a common video player such as Windows Media Player installed on your system.

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